Harman Kardon HKTS 11

Harman Kardon HKTS 11


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The kit consists of four identical satellites SAT-TS11, center channel CEN-TS11 and active subwoofer SUB-TS11. Satellites and center housing are made of plastic, they finished outside meshed permanent metal mesh covering the speakers. Satellites are equipped with high-frequency 13-mm speaker and two 76-mm midrange. The central channel is different from the surround speakers 19 mm tweeter. All drivers are magnetically shielded for satellites included are mounting on the wall. Spring terminals hidden in the "Legs" speakers, which facilitates flush mounting acoustic wire, which, incidentally, also is bundled together with RCA-cable to connect the subwoofer. SUB-TS11 is equipped with 254-mm speaker pointing down and removed from the floor by 10 cm at rear, except the bass reflex, located high-amplitude inputs/outputs, stereo line-in, line mono input, level control and phase switch. From the high-frequency component (above 120 kHz) audio "clean" special filter, which is controlled from the rear too. The speakers in small companies with their "big brother" - SUB-TS11 subwoofer play unexpectedly dynamically create a bright sound emotional atmosphere. Formed satellite image is very clean, comfortable, some amazing. Seen at high slight decrease (shielding RF power metal mesh), which, however, does not prevent - it will pay attention unless demanding audiophile. Average bass velvet, plastic, soft. Compared with kids satellites, subwoofer delivers his streak sometimes somewhat less accurately and collected; besides sometimes bass lacks sharpness of the impulse response, manifested in sound painting, not always accurately transmitted height bass tones. However, these "flaws" is very difficult to detect, they are mainly noticeable when playing acoustic music program. Sound kit can not be called a tonally neutral. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the film and sound recording, and playback of recorded music he gets very beautiful: lush sound, contrast, filled, catchy sound manner and liberated. Set Harman/Kardon HKTS 11 has a great sound, installation and design advantages. Particularly well succeed him genres of contemporary popular music with vocals.

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